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Horse of the Month - September 2009

Saape Leeurd van Ravensbos (Raven) "Raven (registered name Saape Leeurd van Ravensbos) is a four year old Friesian gelding, owned by Helen Elcome, an administrator of The Show Ring forum.

"I was surprised and delighted to hear that Raven had won Horse of the Month. He has only been with me for a short space of time, so to find that he had already made an impact on the forum members was a great accolade. Raven is my 2nd Friesian. I sadly lost my old boy, Nettlestead Baron, after a 2nd bout of colic in June 2008, and it has taken me eight months, several boxes of tissues, and three trips to Holland, to find the right horse to help me start to feel happy again.

I saw Ravens details on a Dutch website, and made some equiries with the owner. She sent me some lovely photos of him, and a couple of others she had for sale, so my husband and I drove out to Masstricht to have a look at them. The stables were paradise for anyone who loves the Friesian breed; over forty horses including several impressive stallions, but my eye was drawn to one straight away, and this was Raven! He came out of his stable and stood proudly, politely enquiring inmy pockets as to whether I had any sweets when I checked him over. We saw him loose in the outdoor arena, in driving snow with chattering teeth! He moved beautifully, and certainly lived up to his breeding (he is by Maiko 373 out of a Goffert 369 mare, top class breeding lines!).

We adjourned to the indoor school to see him ridden, and he looked incredible, so I climbed on board and found I couldn't stop smiling. I had decided to have him almost as soon as I saw him, but riding him confirmed my initial thoughts, and after a successful vetting, the deal was struck.

Raven arrived at my yard exactly a week after we first saw him and has settled in like he has been there for years. His temperament is wonderful; he is the sweetest horse, very level headed for a youngster, but still extremely interested in everything that is happening around him, and of course, he has devastating good looks that have endeared him to the entire yard!

I am in no rush with him. He is a baby horse, with much learning and growing to do, but he has already captured my heart, and I am looking forward to going out with him and forging a new partnership. He is not a replacement for Baron (that would be impossible), but he is very much his own entity, and showing already that he is a gem of horse.

I hope in due course to do some dressage and some showing with him, but at the moment I am content to watch him float round his field, looking every inch the potential champon that he is!

Lord help me when his ego catches up with his size, there'll be no stopping him.....!"

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