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Working Hunter Ponies

The classes are open to mares and geldings aged four or over, and a snaffle, double or pelham bridle is normal. A martingale can be used as can boots for the jumping phase but they must be removed before the next phase.

The class is devided into two sections. The first being over a course of natural jumps which will sometimes contain a few hazzards, ie plastic ducks in the water or maybe a water splash. The height of the jumps are in accordance with the rules for the class/society. The second part can be carried out either as a set individual show immediately the jumping phase has been completed, or the judges can select the clear rounds plus others (if numbers permit) to come back into the ring to carry out a normal go round, show and strip.

Way of Going

The pony should have a good relaxed but powerful walk. He/she should move on in the trot with a little bend at the knee while powering from the shoulder, not from the elbow. The canter should be ongoing, free moving and not stilted like a slow moving rocking horse. The gallop is the pace with shows the judge freedom of movement, BUT should not be carried out like a battle charge, just a nice controlled extension.

Generally WHPs differ from SHPs in as much as they should be of more substance with the ability to jump in a clean, fluent manner and moving on at a sensible hunting pace.

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