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Mountain and Moorland Showing > Dales Pony



Breed Standard

Height - The preferred height range is 14 hands. (142.2 cms) to 14.2 hands (146.2 cms)

Colour & Markings - Black, Brown, a few grey and bay and occasionally roan. A white star and/or snip on the head. White fetlocks on the hind legs only. Mismarked ponies will be downgraded to the grading-up register

Head -  Neat and pony like, showing no dish. Broad between the eyes, which should be bright and alert. Pony ears slightly incurving. Long foretop of straight hair down the face

Neck - Strong and of ample length. Stallions should display a bold outlook with a well-arched crest. Throat and jaws clean-cup. Long flowing mane.

Shoulders - Well-laid, long, sloping shoulders with well-developed muscles. Withers not too fine

Body - Short coupled and deep through the chest, with well sprung ribs

Loins & Hindquarters - Hindquarters deep, lengthy and powerful. Second thighs well developed and very muscular. Tail well set on, not high, with plenty of long straight hair reaching the ground 

Hind Legs - Broad, flat and clean. Well let down with plenty of dense flat bone below

Fore Legs - Set square. Short and very muscular with broad, well developed knees

Feet, Legs & Joints - The very best of feet and legs with flexible joints, showing quality with no coarseness. The cannons should display 8" - 9" o flat flinty bone and well defined tendons. Pasterns should be nicely sloping and of good length. Ample silky feather on the heels. Large, round feet, open at the heels with well developed frogs

Action - Clean, high, straight and true. Going forward on "all fouts" with tremendous energy. The knee and hock are lifted, the hindlegs flexed well under the body for powerful drive

General Character - A strong active pony, full of quality and spirit. Alert, high couraged, intelligent and kind

Trimming rules for showing

Ponies to be shown in their natural state. No trimming, clipping or pulling of manes, tails or feathers on the legs. Tails may be rough-trimmed to prevent them dragging on the ground. Manes and tails should be full and flowing, and traditionally were "a yard long". Feathers should be full, curtaining the coronts.

In the interests of welfare, ridden and driven ponies may be body-clipped in the winter, taking the above rules into account. Legs should not be clipped. Ponies which have been clipped in the winter may be at a disadvangtage when shown in-hand the following spring, depending on the judge's view.

No plaiting expect for the traditonal plait at the top of the tail bearing ribbons if so wished.

No false hair or make-up of any kind is permitted.

Tack for In Hand showing

Youngstock is usually shown in white halters, and the mares are also traditionally shown this way, although riding or in-hand bridles are also permitted. Licensed stallions (3 years old or over), are traditionally shown in full stallion tack, and this is a rule at the breed shows.

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