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Heights and Measurement

In the UK, for affiliated Showing classes, a show horse or pony may require a height certificate. There are two types of certificate - an Annual Height Certificate and a Full Height Certificate.

The governing body is the Joint Measurement Board (JMB) an Official Measurer (who is also a vet), a list of which is available from the JMB, carries out measuring. The rules are that a horse or pony cannot be measured for its first Annual Certificate until it is at least 4 years old, and Full Certificates will be issued to horses and ponies seven years and over, provided that they have held an Annual Certificate which must not previously have been declared invalid. The Official Measurer for a Full Certificate must be from a different practice from that to which the Official Measurer who performed the last Annual Measurement belonged.

The JMB's website is http://www.thejmbonline.co.uk/

Every animal regardless of its age has to have at least one Annual Certificate before it can have a Full certificate.

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