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Mountain and Moorland Showing > Highland Pony



Breed Standard

Height  - 13hh to 14.2hh

Colour & Markings -  Various shades of dun - mouse, yellow, grey, cream and fox. Also grey, brown, black and occasional bay and livery chestnut with silver mane and tail. Most ponies carry the dorsal eel stripe and may have zebra markings on the forelegs. Apart from a small star, white markings (blazes, socks etc) are disliked and discouraged. Stallions with white markings (other than a small star) are not eligible for registration

Head - Well carried, broad between alert and kindly eyes. Short between eyes and muzzle. Muzzle not pinched with wide nostrils

Neck - Strong and not short. Good arched top-line. Throat clean and not fleshy

Shoulders - Well sloped with pronounced withers

Body - Compact. Back with slight natural curve. Deep chest with well sprung ribs

Quarters - Powerful, strong with well developed thigh and second thigh

Legs  - Feet & Joints Flat hard bone. Forearm strong with broad knee, short cannons. Pasterns oblique and not too short. Well shaped hard, dark hooves. Forearm placed well under the weight of the body. Hocks clean and flat. Feather silky and not overly-heavy ending in a prominent tuft at the fetlock

Mane & Tail -  Hair should be long, silky and flowing - not coarse. Tail set fairly high and carried gaily

Trimming rules for showing

There should be no pulling or plaiting or trimming of mane and tail, nor the feather on the legs. Eye or other cosmetic make-up must not be applied under any circumstances.

Excessive hair under chin etc can be discreetly laid with a damp brush before going into the ring. Hoofs should only be oiled.

For the pony's welfare, ridden ponies for winter competitions or hunting may be clipped out, always giving due regard to the above preparation rules. Legs should not be clipped in these cases. No trimming permitted otherwise.

Tack for In Hand showing

STALLION: Strong stallion bridle with white lead rope, chain or leather coupling under chin. Straight bar or snaffle bit or other suitable control bit. Roller with one side rein, usually on off-side correctly fitted.

MARES AND STOCK OVER THREE YEARS: Show bridle with brass buckles or good quality brass-mounted headcollar with snaffle bit attached by bit straps. White webbing or cotton lead rope. White cotton or webbing halters may also be used.

YOUNGSTOCK: Show bridle with light straight bar bit (nylon or vulcanite mouth piece) or white cotton webbing halter.

FOALS: Leather foal slip with white webbing lead rope or extra-long halter.

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