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Mountain and Moorland Showing > Ridden Turnout

Pony turnout for Ridden M&M Classes

Bridles: The bridle should be chosen to compliment the head. M&Ms generally suit workman like bridles with plain browbands and nosebands. Brass clencher browbands are acceptable on Welsh and Shetlands, although may not suit all heads. Nosebands are recommended to be a minimum of 1" wide. Discreetly stitched nosebands and browbands may suit some breeds.

Saddles: The cut of the saddle should aim to show off the shoulder and movement. Straight cut or working hunter saddles are both popular. GP saddles may be used in working hunter pony classes. If a numnah is required they should be dark in colour and as discreet as possible. Girths should match the colour of the tack, white girths may also be used

Brown leather suits most breeds and is considered more traditional, however black may be used and is often the choice of dapple grey or jet black ponies.

Bits: Double bits or pelhams may be worn in Open, Intermediate and Restricted classes.

First ridden and Novice classes vary according to the society or show rules. Some stipulate that snaffle bridles only may be used.

Lead rein ponies must be shown in a snaffle bridle only and lead reins may only be attached to the noseband.

Rider Turnout for Ridden M&M Classes

Cream, beige or canary jodhpurs or breeches.

Tweed hacking jacket with a green or brown base. Navy jackets should not be worn with the exception of evening performances.

Plain or striped white or coloured shirt and complimenting tie.

Dark coloured or brown, preferably leather, gloves.

Navy, brown or green velvet hats are all acceptable (black for men only).

Small breeds: All riders should wear short brown jodpur boots, including adults.

Large breeds: Long, black boots are generally the choice of all riders. Juniors under 16 may wear short jodpur boots, as may any rider of Welsh Section Cs.

Handler turnout for M&M In Hand Classes

Tweed jacket with shirt and tie or blouse.

Trousers should be in a contrasting colour to the ponies’ legs.

Dark coloured sturdy shoes or boots suitable for running in.

Dark, preferably leather, gloves and a show cane should be carried

Hats are optional but look smart and some shows stipulate they should be worn. Suitable hats include a beagle, riding hat, tweed cap or brimmed trilby or panama. Children should be encouraged to wear a riding hat.

In hot weather, it is acceptable for handlers to wear either a waistcoat or shirtsleeves.

If you are showing a Highland, especially in Scotland or at the Breed Show, then a kilt or tartan trousers can be worn. With a kilt, the handler will often wear a Highland Pony Society sweatshirt or discreet sweatshirt in a dark colour.

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