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Riding Club/Pony Club Horse/Pony

These classes are usually open to all types of horses and ponies and are judged on suitability for all Riding Club/Pony Club activities. Sometimes there are separate classes for horses and ponies, and sometimes they are combined in one class. Generally, in these classes, manners and way of going are much more important that looks and conformation. Often competitors are asked, in addition to performing a standard individual show, to jump one or two simple jumps, and sometimes incorporate a few extra tasks, such as dismount and remount, reinback in a corridor of poles or move a mug from one bending pole to another. The judge will usually be looking for a horse or pony who is obedient, works in a correct frame and jumps willingly and calmly.



There are normally no written guidelines for the rider's dress, but that most generally adopted is a tweed jacket, shirt, tie, beige breeches/jodphurs, brown/fawn/neutral leather gloves, long black boots or brown jodhpur boots (depending on age of competitor), with a velvet riding hat conforming to the standards dictated by British Riding Clubs or the Pony Club. Hair should be secured neatly.

Horse Tack and Turnout

Some classes stipulate that snaffle bridles are compulsory, whilst others have no such restrictions - it is wise to check the schedule. At Pony Club shows particularly, plain tack and accessories are encouraged, and coloured browbands, numnahs etc are considered unacceptable - some branches are more strict than others! Most animals in these classes are plaited, except for hogged cobs and natives/traditionals with long flowing manes.

Marriage's Riding Club Pony of the Year

These classes are sponsored by Marriage's Animal Feeds and are open to ponies 14.2 & under, riders 16 years & under and are judged on suitability for all Riding/Pony Club activities. Ponies must be ridden in snaffle bridles only and are required to jump a few small fences and perhaps complete another obedience test at the judge's discretion. Qualifying ponies go through to one of four Area Finals. The first 10 ponies at the Area Finals then qualify for the Grand Final at the Ponies UK Southern Show.

SEIB Search for a Star

This series includes a section for Riding Club Show Horse, and qualifying horses go through to the final at the Horse of the Year Show. The class involves walk, trot and canter as a group on both reins, then horses are asked individually to go over some trotting poles and jump one natural and one coloured fence of about 2'6" in height. Horses are then ridden by the judge and stripped for conformation judging.

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