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Showing Societies

British Miniature Horse Society - http://www.bmhs.co.uk/bmhs.html

British Show Horse Association (BSHA) - http://www.britishshowhorse.org/

British Show Pony Society (BSPS) - http://www.britishshowponysociety.co.uk/

Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS) - http://www.chapsuk.com/

National Pony Society (NPS) - http://www.nationalponysociety.org.uk/

Northern Counties Pony Association http://www.thencpa.co.uk/

Ponies UK - http://www.poniesuk.org/

Sport Horse GB - http://www.sporthorsegb.co.uk/

The Arab Horse Society - http://www.arabhorsesociety.com

The Amateur Showing Society - http://www.amateurshowingsociety.co.uk/

The British Skewbald and Piebald Association - http://www.bspaonline.com/

The British Connemara Society - http://www.britishconnemaras.co.uk/

The Cleveland Bay Society - http://www.clevelandbay.com/

The Dales Pony Society - http://www.dalespony.org/

The Dartmoor Pony Society - http://www.dartmoorponysociety.com/

The Exmoor Pony Society - http://www.exmoorponysociety.org.uk/

The Fell Pony Society - http://www.fellponysociety.org/

The Highland Pony Society - http://www.highlandponysociety.com/

The New Forest Pony Society - http://www.newforestpony.com/

The Shetland Pony Society - http://www.shetlandponystudbooksociety.co.uk/

The Veteran Horse Society - http://www.veteran-horse-society.co.uk/

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society - http://www.wpcs.uk.com/society/index.html

Other Useful Links

Dressage Diagrams - http://www.dressagediagrams.org

Horsequest (Buying and selling horses, ponies, tack and transport) – www.horsequest.co.uk

Laminitis Trust - http://www.laminitis.org/

Pegasus diary of events in the SE -  http://www.pegasus-magazine.co.uk/diary_of_events_18_2.asp

Racehorse to Riding Horse - http://www.racehorse2ridinghorse.co.uk/

Riding Diary -  www.ridingdiary.co.uk

Search for a Star - http://www.search4astar.org.uk/

The Joint Measuring Board - http://www.thejmbonline.co.uk/

The Show Register - www.theshowregister.com

The Thoroughbred & Retired Racehorse Association - www.tarra.co.uk

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