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Top Turnout Tips!

Here are some tips from our members,

Have a grooming kit just for shows.

Keep a box for spares in the lorry/trailer with things like: Cotton, elastic for numbers. Cotton for plaiting. Needles. Hairbrush, comb. Gloves. Safety pins. Scissors. Hairspray. Dusters, rags etc. Sponges. Hairgrips.

Use a kitchen fork for quarter marks.

Either the night before or in the morning if your pony is out wash and clean hooves and rub with fine sandpaper then put several coats of hoof oil on. Add more at show. When dry for really shiny hooves spay some oil on just before entering ring.

Use human colour enharncer shampoo.

Use the blade of scissors to smooth the chestnuts, cover with a little black and condition with baby oil when dry.

Clip white face markings for a more definite facial features.

Clip white markings on legs.

Don't cut too large a bridle path.

Plait mane to hide or enhance your ponies good/bad points.

Pulling Tails. If pulling by hand use rubber gloves then pliers for the hard to reach bits. If pulling is a no, no either use a special comb or find someone who can do it by using a pair of scissors. Hard to learn how to do but once mastered looks perfect. After pulling wash well in hibiscrub to prevents sores or infection.

Pulling Manes: Don't wash mane before pulling. Thin mane at the same time. Remember that everytime you take plaits out especially if you use rubberbands you will loose some of the mane so take this into consideration when pulling the mane. Don't get scissor happy.

Trimming. Trim with small clippers if possible. Follow the line of the hair. Trim the ears a little while before the show as some ponies don't suit a close trim making their ears look too big. Trim round the chestnuts.

Makeup. Black around the eyes and the cheekbone to enhance the head. Small eyes can be made to look better by using a little mascara. A little oil or spray can be added to the mane and tail to add shine. But remember nothing can replace natural shine which comes from good feeding and a happy horse.

Tack. Clean show tack in advance and cover velvet browbands to keep clean. Keep a spare pair of reins, stirrups, girth and headcollar and lead rein in lorry.

Extras: Take a feed and spare haynet, bucket and a container of water. Don't forget schedule, passports, directions, numbers and money.

Above all get into a show routine and everything will run smoothly whether you are taking one or six!

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